Thursday, 24 July 2014

Interning with Jylle Navarro | Day 4 & 5

Hey guys!

I have day 4 & 5 of my internship for you all!
I didn't do much on day 4 and I also didn't take many pictures either so it wasn't worth doing a post. 
So I've put the days together, read on to know what I got up to! 

Day 4

It was pretty laid back, me and Jen (my fellow intern!) were finishing off a piece that we'd started the week before.
We had already made a tassel so we knew what to do and we just tried to get it done which ended up taking the whole day. 
I'm also on a water detox to help clear my skin so my water bottle has been my bestie!

In the picture above, you can see me making a twist, this was one of 20! They take ages to make but you get quicker after you've made about 10!

That's all day 4 consisted of, I'm glad we've got it done.

Day 5

Because we got the tassels done, it was time to move onto something else.
Jen wasn't in because she went in on Tuesday and I chose to go in on the Wednesday.

This day was a pom pom making day!

I never knew so much work went into something so small.
I did have fun making them, spending so long on one pom pom was so rewarding when it was finished.
I love how they look, I'd love to have some hung up in my room!
They're so easy to make but they take time and the amazing thing about each one is that they're all different (unless you make them the same!)

So that was day 5, I'm having so much fun working with Jylle and Jen!
Stay tuned for more and don't forget to check out Jylle's website!


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  1. ooh those look really cute !
    love the glittery fabric
    Abbigayle |

    1. Thanks, they took ages! If you're from London, the fabric's from Shepherd's Bush!

      Thank you for commenting x


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