Monday, 21 July 2014

How's Life Jess?

Hey guys, 

Well, what's new in my life?

So much is new, I can tell you that, I'm in such a happy place right now.
I feel like life is going how I want it, I'm stress free, feeling real confident, loving my family and Summer's started!

I always go with the flow and never really like to over plan but I know that if I want to get the most out of my Summer I have to plan and make time for everything and everyone.

I've finished college, no longer a college student!
I'm super happy, well, it's bittersweet actually. I'm glad to have left but now I know after Summer it's going to be hard when I've got to start uni. However, I'm really looking forward to uni, finally get to study Fashion Design, I cannot wait.
My last day of college was a weight lifted off my shoulders, wearing anything to go in and collecting all my work, knowing I wouldn't have to come back. I think the one thing I will miss is sitting in my favourite seat with the bestie on the left, too many memories right there!

Now college is over and done with, I thought it would be good to make use of my extra long Summer and apply for an internship. I sent in my CV and examples of work to many designers and the next day (I was very shocked!) I received an email from the lovely Jylle Navarro, she's a knitwear designer and I was so chuffed to have been that lucky to get it so quickly. 
So working with her in her design studio has been amazing so far, I'm learning a lot but I must say, I'm exhausted! Definitely check out the posts I've put up so far on my day to day!

Some of you may know, I turned 18 on Sunday!
Probably one of the happiest days of my life, I had such a great day and I'm super excited to carry on  my celebrations throughout the week.
Thanks to everyone that wished me happy birthday, on Twitter, Instagram, I really appreciate it. You all made me feel extra special!

I've done quite a bit this Summer already, definitely check out my Instagram because I'm updating frequently.
I also posted a few pictures of what I got for my birthday so definitely head over there!
I'm not sure I will be putting up a post about what I got for my birthday but let me know if you want to see what I got. I might just do a haul on what I bought with birthday money but still let me know what you guys want to see!

So that's my life update for you guys, definitely follow me on my social networks (links below)!

Thanks for reading and I'll be back very soon (tomorrow!)
Jesslyn x

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