Friday, 11 July 2014

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Hi guys,

I've been getting a few comments and questions about how great my body looks (not bragging but hey. . .) or how comes I'm so slim.
So I thought I'd give you guys the low down.

First of all, I'm going to start off by saying, I have a very fast metabolism. I do no diet, at all.
So please, please don't ask what I eat or ask anything about portions because I have no clue.
I eat everything, carbs, fast food, the skin on the chicken (sorry to all the vegetarians reading!) but you get the picture. I don't diet, I don't plan to unless my metabolism slows down.

Now because I don't diet and have a fast metabolism, it doesn't mean I was also blessed with a perfectly toned body. I have to do some work you know!
So here's what I do to keep in shape.

Fitness Blender is my favourite when it comes to workout videos. They guide you step by step, someone does the workout with you and I just think overall, it's a very motivational fitness channel.
My two favourite workouts are 'the 100 rep squat challenge' and 'the 10mins standing abs workout'.
Whenever I workout with these videos, I either do, one or the other, or both. This works for me because it prevents me from getting bored.

I've embedded the videos below so you can get stuck in if you like!

I've also wanted to take up jogging, that's the reason for the water bottle. It was £1.50 from Primark and it has a freezer stick which is great. I love the colour and how sturdy it is, thumbs up Primark!
I've jogged a couple times but I just can't find the time to do it regularly.

I'm starting uni in September and there's a gym within the campus so I'm going to be signing up when I start.
I'll definitely update you guys when the time is right!

So that's it guys, not much to my fitness routine but less is more and it works for me!
Also, it's always good to start off easy and work your way up.

Let me know what you guys do to keep fit!

Thanks for reading,

Disclaimer - I know that having a fast metabolism doesn't mean I can eat unhealthily. I eat the baddies in moderation, I just don't keep an eye on what I eat because I don't have to. Hope you all understand x

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