Tuesday, 8 July 2014

4 Looks with the MUA Glamour Nights Palette


Hi my lovelies!

I was rummaging through my make up drawers and I was discovering so much stuff I hadn't used in ages! I'm definitely a hoarder and I buy things I don't need, I'll admit that however I do like going through my stash and finding things I haven't used in a while. 
Sometimes I feel really happy that I didn't give away/sell my things because I thought I'd never use them, you never know when you might want to actually use them. Am I the only that thinks that or do I have serious hoarding problem haha?

Well, when I was going through my make up stuff and I found my MUA Glamour Nights Palette. I bought it last July around my birthday so it's been just under a year since I've had it. I've used it a couple times but not enough!
So I thought, why not get some use out of it and do some looks for the blog and that's what I've done for you guys!
I've used every single shade from the palette to create 4 different looks. They all have an element of glam, whether it's subtle or a bit wow, I think this palette is great for those nights out.

Look 1 - Neutral Glam

The first look is a neutral smokey eye. It's pretty simple but most of the shades are glittery so it adds some sparkle to the look.

Look 2 - Tropical Glam

This look is quite fun, it's really colourful but not over the top. It's quite simple on top but the red undertone of the look adds that 'oomph' and the pop of green on the waterline gives it that edge.

Look 3 - Grey Glam 

Next is the grey look! I love this look, it's definitely my fave. It's bit more dramatic than the others, I love the purple base and then the drama of the glittery silver eyeshadow on top. 

Look 4 - Dark Glam

This is the last look, it's a very dark smokey eye. It took a lot of blending to get it like this. It's very dramatic and the pop of gold brightens up the darkeness of the whole eye. I have hooded eyelids so this method of a very dark eye look definitely works for me.

So I hope you guys liked my 4 eyeshadow looks using the MUA Glamour Nights palette. Which was your favourite look, 1, 2, 3 or 4? I'd love to know!

I think all of these looks would look amazing with some great lashes and a red or nude lip!
Let me know what you guys think!

Hope you liked and thanks for reading, 
Jesslyn x


  1. I'm such a big Mua Palettes fan! The glamour nights palette looks amazing! x

    1. It such a nice palette but it's for those nights out, definitely not an everyday palette!
      I love it nonetheless!

      Thanks for commenting x


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