Sunday, 29 June 2014

What's New in Jess' . . . Make Up Drawers? | MUA Mosaic Bronzer

MUA Mosaic Bronzer - Natural Glow Shade 1

Hi guys,

I'm actually trying to multi-task, type up this post and work on my sketchbook. Haha it's not really working to be honest!

*30mins later*

Well, now my blog has my full attention, I thought I'd introduce you all to my new make up buy.

I'd been on the lookout for a bronzer when I started obsessing over highlighting and the 'minimalistic' make up look.
Lately I've been doing my make up differently, focusing more on flawless looking skin and highlighting. 
When I start obsessing and changing the way I do my make up, I watch a million and one make up tutorials, one of my favourites were by Gracie from Ugly Face of Beauty and Lauren Curtis (definitely check them both out, they're amaaaazing!) Anyway, they both kept on mentioning bronzer, so I knew I had to get me one.

I found MUA's Mosiac Bronzer when I went to Superdrug, a couple of days ago. I fell in love instantly, one because it was a bronzer I was looking for and two because it was only £2.50!

I've used it twice and I'm absolutely loving it, I also used it for my sister's prom make up and boy, was she glowing?! 
I never used to be a bronzer fan and never really saw the point of it if you had contour and highlighting products but I've been converted.

I love this bronzer so far and can't wait to get some more use out of it!

What are your favourite bronzing products? Have you tried the Mua Mosaic Bronzer?
I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn xx

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