Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What's New In Jess' . . . Closet? | Blue Suede Courts

Hello my lovelies,

I've got a new addition to the family. These amazing cobalt blue, suede court heels. Now before I tell you where I got them from and how much they were. Let me tell you my little situation before I came across these shoes.

I had been on a search for some nude patent court heels for a very long time and I finally found a pair. I didn't try them on in the shop so I bought them I took them home. As soon as I got home I tried them on, I wasn't in love. A couple of days later, I took them back and looked for something to exchange them with because I did actually want a new pair of heels.

So I was walking through the aisle of shoes and it was pretty neat and tidy, that's what I love about morning shopping trips. These blue shoes jumped at me, they had nude ones but they didn't speak to me, I snapped up the blue shoes and I ran (walked very fast, I was supposed to be on my way to college) to customers service and it was quick and easy exchange, for once!

Now from little story, you'll probably be able to guess where I got these amazing heels from. They were from  the oh so, I've become amazing, Primark! I must tell you guys, (like I always do) Primark have stepped up their game, like for real!
Now the price, the nude shoes were £10 and because I was in a rush, I picked up the blue ones and I didn't look at the price when running to customer services, when the lovely lady handed me back a pound, I was like no way. I was in shock that such amazing shoes were only £9. 

I feel like going back to get the nude pair but I really want patent ones so gotta behave and not buy things unnecessarily (haha, this is a first).

So my search for nude patent courts is not  over but I've gained another pair for a great price.

What do you guys think? Amazing shoes or nah?

Head to Primark, they are doing it right now!

Thanks for reading, 


  1. I completely agree with you on the Primark game at the moment! So many amazing things that I wouldn't ever be able to find for such a good price anywhere else, the shoes look gorgeous too!


    1. Definitely, everything's amazing! They upped their game so much and the shoes say thanks haha! xo

  2. They're so pretty! But how do you walk on those heels girl? ;)


    1. These are the smallest heeled shoes I have haha I guess practice makes perfect, my feet hardly hurt when I wear them! ;)

      Thanks for commenting xo


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