Thursday, 12 June 2014

OOTD & Get Ready With Jess

Shirt New Look | Jeans Primark (DIY) | Cardigan Primark | Sunglasses and Purse Primark
Trainers Nike Air Force 1

Hey everyone,
Yay, I managed to shoot my OOTD outside for once, I finally got my sister to take her job and shoot my OOTDs for me.

I'd say this is a very different OOTD, I filmed a 'Get Ready with Me' as well so you guys get to see how I do my everyday make up and quick hair do.
It took ages to edit and it was quite a fun video to film, weird to see myself do something from start to finish. I really understand where youtubers come from when they struggle to get a video up. 

Anyway, this outfit was a really casual one, me and my mum went to view a house and I just wanted to chuck something on really quickly. It was quite warm that day so I underestimated how hot it was going to be when I threw on the cardi. By the way, guys, I love my new sunglasses, love!

Being the naughty blogger I am, I DIY'd my jeans and didn't take any pictures of me doing it but I hope everyone knows how to rip holes in their jeans, there's many tutorials on Youtube.

So that's it really, I'm back with the outside OOTDs, I'd really love feedback on whether you prefer the bedroom ones or the outside ones!

Thanks for reading guys!

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  1. Love your sunnies and jeans !. Great look doll :) x
    Cait ||


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