Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OOTD | The Birkenstock Dupes #1

Top, Jeans (DIY), Sandals All Primark | Watch eBay 
Anklet and Bracelets Camden Market

Hey guys,

Another OOTD! I've been loving snapping pictures of my outfits recently. I've been much more effort even it is just a casual college outfit.

This outfit was just something I threw together to quickly head to the nail shop with my sister.
These DIY ripped jeans are giving me life this Summer, they add so much to an outfit, my outfit would've looked pretty boring if my jeans weren't ripped up.

And now, my new loves. The Birkenstock dupes.
I got my pair from Primark which were only £4, they're patent black and I lurveeee them!

I think I'm going to do a series of OOTD's wearing my sandals because they're very marmite and many might find it hard to wear. 
So look out for those!

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

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  1. Your hair and makeup look absolutely incredible! You're so gorgeous! Of course, i love the sandals and ripped jeans! x

    Colour Me In Blog

    1. Thank youuuu, I'm blushing haha thanks, I'm glad you love it :D

      I really appreciate you commenting, made my night! xo


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