Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Hi guys,

Got a double whammy for you guys, new me is back!

I did my hair on Sunday morning and since then I've been rocking a curly, red bob.
I really wanted to keep the short hair, I think during Summer I'm more drawn to shorter hair/bobs.
My last hairstyle was an blonde ombre bob so transforming to this look was completely different.

I didn't actually choose the colour and was going to stick to the blonde but the bestie said why don't I go red.
So I did!
I always do my hair myself because I hate people touching my hair. This hairstyle is a full sew-in with no leave out. My hair was attacked by the straighteners during the last hairstyle so I didn't want to leave any hair out.

I'm going to enjoy rocking this hairstyle for the next couple of weeks. It looks so summery, I love it!

Now onto the nails.
I actually got my nails done today, I couldn't decide what design I wanted but I knew I wanted them to be mainly lilac. I went onto Pinterest to find inspiration and I decided to go with a couple of gold nails along with the lilac.
I kept the shape the same because nothing can make me depart from the almond nails except for absolute boredom.

So that's my new hair and my new nails for you all!
Would love to know your opinions on my hair, it's very different so I'd love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn x

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