Monday, 9 June 2014

My First Collection | Assessment

Hey everyone,

If you missed my first post about my collection , check it out because it explains everything a bit more than in this post.

Well, on Thursday it's my assessment and only two out of the four outfits will be assessed. I'm very happy about that because the pressure to get 4 outfits done would've killed me!

I managed to completely hand sew the lining/jacket hem of both the jackets I'll be showing for assessment. I'm very proud that I managed to make a jacket from scratch for the first time and it looks very profesh!

My collection is based on the jackets so I definitely wanted to show my two black ones. I also decided to have leggings for the bottom half and I'm actually dying a pair.

I'm pretty excited for the whole collection and fashion show experience. I've ordered my snapbacks and I'm going out on Wednesday to buy shoes and the leggings for the show. The styling, hair and make up, the show and the photoshoot for the catalogue is what I'm so looking forward to. I'm loving the whole experience to be honest.

I must say I was stuck on the whole theme thing and where I wanted to take my collection but after watching a few (or more!) episodes of Project Runway and also being inspired by some bloggers and the trends, I managed to squeeze something out.

I know many people think that studying Fashion is the easy way out but seriously don't be deceived. It's not just the designing, you've got to make your own patterns, source fabrics, know different seams, be able to transform your 2D drawings into a 3D garment, it's crazy.
Anyone that studies fashion will understand what I'm on about and will agree.
The glamorous looks on the catwalk have been through hell and back before they reach that beautiful stage.

In my attempt to put you all of from studying fashion, I hope you enjoyed the insight into my first collection, I'll try and squash in two more posts, one that's based on the styling and the other about the show so keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away and thanks for reading!

Jesslyn xo

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