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Hey guys,

 I know, I've been absent for nearly a week! I had posts planned but I never got round to writing them up. All my time and energy has gone into completing two outfits for my assessment next week, I finally have my jackets lined and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. If you want to read my 'First Collection Update' post, feel free to check it out!

Well, onto the post!
I've wanted to do a current favourites post for a while now but my favourites kept on changing and some things I liked, I hated a few days later. So in this post I'm going to be talking about my current favouriites that use literally everyday or every day I want to wear make up.
 I'd love to know what all your current favourites are so let me know what you're loving too.

First up is MUA's Pro Base Concealer Kit. I love this thing, around 2 years ago, I came across it and I actually bought the smaller version of it. I use it to concealer under my eyes and highlight my nose, chin and forehead. I always apply it over my foundation because I feel it looks better but that's just how do it and it works for me. I think it was around £5 or £6 and smaller one was either £3 or £4. I love the consistency and the coverage.

Next is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I know most people love the RT brushes, they are amazing, no doubt. However, everyone has a favourite and my so happens to be the Buffing Brush. I use it to apply liquid foundation which I think is how most people use it. I love the way it buffs in my foundation and makes my skin look flawless. I do get lovely comments from you all about how flawless my skin looks and it's thanks to this brush and my skincare routine.

This is MUA's Pro Base Primer. It was bought for me around Christmas time and I've been using it daily ever since. Being someone that has a oily T-Zone, I just apply it to my problem area and it helps my make up stick to my face. I notice when I forget to apply it on 'those' days, my face is noticeably more oily and my make up slides like crazy. MUA's Pro Base range is actually quite good, I'd recommend it to anyone that's look for good base products for cheap, cheap.

Another MUA product, the Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint. This is probably my top favourite product after eyebrow pencil. It makes eyeshadow application and quick and easy process. On those days that I just can't be asked to do whole blending shenanigan (bad blogger, I know!) I just wack this on with my finger and voila! It was around £3 which is such a bargain.

And lastly, Carmex!
Who doesn't love a little bit of Carmex (or a lot of). I use it all time, before I go to bed, before I apply my lipstick and when lips are generally dry.
It does burn sometimes but to me, that means it's working. It moisturises my lips, prevents them from cracking and to be honest, who wants dry lips.
Everyone needs Carmex and Vaseline in their lives.

So these are my current beauty favourites. 
Hope everyone's well and is loving the sun (or the rain haha) 

Thanks for reading!

Jesslyn xxx

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