Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Simple Rings

Hi guys!

Excuse the fact that my nails need to be done. Hmm yeah.
But I just wanted to quickly share my love for rings!

Now not just any old rings but simple ones. 
I feel that simple rings are statements in itself, I love how you can stack them up and not look like you're wearing too many.
I love how they can make your whole look go up a level or make you look like you've made an effort even when you haven't.

I've had a huge love for silver jewellery for the longest time but gold and rose gold have taken over.

I wear silver rings if I don't want my rings to be the focus, I think they are the most simple looking.
Gold is for those days you're feeling confident and edgy, I always love wacking on as many gold rings as I can in the morning.

What is your favourite type of jewellery guys? And what do you prefer, gold, rose gold or silver?
Would love to know your opinions!

Thanks for reading, 
Jess xo

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