Thursday, 22 May 2014

OOTD | Summertime Fine

Dress Primark | Jacket New Look | Shoes Nike Blazers | Watch eBay

Hey everyone, 

I know today's Thursday and a throwback post is supposed to be up instead. 
Today was such a hectic day, our Spring fashion show at college went ahead and I got back around an hour ago and I'm exhausted.

This was yesterday's outfit, it was quite warm so I opted for a dress which I hardly ever do because it means, well greased and smooth legs. Effort upon effort.

I played it safe just in case it got cold or started raining (typical British weather!) but luckily it didn't.

I quite like this outfit, it's different to watch I usually wear, I'm a jeans/hoodie girl so this outfit did switch up the game a little.
I think I even instagrammed before I left in the morning haha sunshine going to my head!

I'll hopefully try and get back into a good blogging routine, half term is always great for that!

Thanks for reading,
Jesslyn xo

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  1. You look amazing! Your hair is so beautiful and I love your makeup and dress x
    Colour Me In Blog

    1. aww thank you so much, really appreciate it *blushing* xo


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