Wednesday, 28 May 2014

NEW NAILS | On Trend with Powder Blue

6 weeks later.


Nothing better than fresh nails and fresh hair! You feel so good afterwards, just the feeling of being pampered and not having to do anything for that hour and a half is so relaxing and freeing.

I went in midday, I love my nail shop, I love the fact that you don't have to book an appointment and even when it's busy in there, you never wait longer than 15 minutes to be seen.

I'd say the whole process was complete in an hour and 20-25 minutes. If I didn't spend nearly a third of the time under the dryer (any excuse to sit and relax!) I would've been out in an hour.

For this set of nails, I opted for a powder blue colour. Pastels are my number 1 love at the minute (actually second, food's my first). They are just beautiful colours and very girly ones too.
Well, instead of doing lilac (saving that for my next trip!), I went for the blue. 
The nail artist couldn't help but laugh when I explained the design I wanted. I was telling her what I wanted on each finger and she stopped me halfway and said, "Just tell me as I do each finger!", haha I felt so bad and so particular (if that's the right word, probably not).

The design I went for was, one finger with a leopard print, one with stripes, one with a two third tip, one normal one and one matte. I think that's all five? *counts*

I must say this is probably my favourite set of nails because I did every nail differently. I did it mainly because I didn't want to get bored of nails so quickly like the last. The last set lasted (last, last, too many lasts) 6 weeks, the left thumb cracked 2 days before going to the nail shop but it was a minor!

I can't wait to go back, I have my next 2 trips planned, so excited!

What do you guys think of my nails? You like or no like? Haha! You can compare to my last set, click here to see them!

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