Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mid May Lust List


Well, I know the title says 'Mid May' but were drawing near to the end of it however I need to do a pre-lust list before the month was out. 
There's so many things I want right now that it was worth doing 2 lust lists in the space of a 1 week and a half.

I personally feel like my style is changing and I feel like I'm incorporating more staples into more wardrobe, I'm starting to love black, white and grey clothing. I've gone off colour which I would say is quite annoying because Summer's coming up and I want to wear colour but I'm just not feeling it. Simple jewellery is another thing, not big on statement necklaces, just hand me a barely there!

 I've got on my eye on so many things that are calf length, I feel that length is really flattering and I really want to purchase some pieces that are that length or make something that length!

Lilac is my favourite colour so when I saw the leather backpack, I fell in love and then fell back out when I saw the price haha!

Ripped jeans are the craze at the moment and I've been sucked in, I saw this pair on Topshop and they look amazing, I can't decide if I should buy a pair or stop being lazy and do a DIY(?)

Shoes are always on the lust list, what girl doesn't love shoes? Heels and trainers are my weakness, I'd happily give up my favourite jacket for a pair of new shoes. Love them!

I haven't been proper shopping in so long, just online orders every now and then but I really want to go shopping just got to find time!

Where are the best places to go shopping right now? What stores are doing it right now?
Let me know!

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  1. I love Grafea bags so much! The price is so upsetting though,deffo out of my price range! xx

    1. They're amazing, the colours are so beautiful as well but the prices are well out of my price range haha it can pass as an investment!

  2. That backpack is gorgeous!!! Totally going to my wishlist :D


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