Monday, 5 May 2014

April Lust List 2014

Nike Air Max Thea Premium - Nike | Birkenstock Madrid Black Patent Flat Sandals  ASOS | 

Hey everyone,

Can you believe we're in May already?! We're nearly halfway through the year, it's like New Year was only last week. Time's flying!
I did a lust list only a couple of posts back, can't believe I'm sitting here typing up another one!

I've been eyeing up so much lately, managing to pick out only five items was a miracle. 

Me and my sister are trying to plan a 4-day trip to Paris for Summer and the thought of holiday shopping excites me. We haven't even travelled down to Brighton by ourselves let alone Paris but we wanted to go on a really adventurous (and challenging!) trip together this year.

I'll start with footwear so on my list first are Birkenstock sandals. They seem to be in the limelight at the moment and I've been sucked in, they're really summer-y sandals. Apparently they're comfortable too! I know there's dupes in Primark and I really want to get my hands on a black patent pair.

Next is a pair of trainers (no surprise there!). I saw a youtuber talk about these pair of trainers and I fell in love. I went on a virtual hunt and found an even more beautiful pair. They look gorgeous, they're probably my number 1 lust item this month!

Third on the lust list is a bralet, I love the way they look and how I've seen people style them. I think this one in particular would look great under sheer black tops. Ooo yeah, I need!

And lastly I have some summer/holiday accessories. First is a weekend bag, I love big bags and I carry one on a daily basis but this one looks even bigger and it just makes me look forward to Summer even more.
I love the panelling and the shape!
And secondly are some sunnies! Every year, I buy a new pair (or three) of sunglasses, who doesn't? I found a website called ZeroUV and they have amaaaazing sunglasses on there, this was one out of the millions (slight, just slight, exaggeration!) I loved. The style, the accent colour are just . . . amazing haha!

So that's my April lust list, what have you got planned for Summer and what have you been obsessing over?
Let me know and thanks for reading!

Happy May!
Jesslyn xo

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