Tuesday, 27 May 2014

5 Random Facts About Me

Hey guys,

I always love knowing facts about bloggers/youtubers so I thought why not do a little facts post today.
As the title says, my facts are completely random so don't expect no cohesion haha


1. My name is actually pronounced 'JeZZlyn' but everyone sees it as 'JeSSlyn' and says it like that and I don't bother to correct them because it's just long. When I start uni, I hope I can get most people pronouncing my name correctly.

2. I am the eldest child of 6 and was the only child for 2 years. I honestly wish I could remember those amazing 2 years of being an only child. Apparently, I was a terror and didn't sit still, powder and Vaseline were my best buds.

3. I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer from the age of 8. I remember people asking me what I wanted to go into when I'm older and always said 'I want to be a fashion designer' with no hesitation. 'Til this day, I still want to pursue a career in fashion design, it's become so real now that I'm off to uni this September to study a BA in Fashion Design. I'm glad my family support whatever I do in building my future.

4. I have a really (really) fast metabolism. A couple years ago, I would eat every hour just because I could and my body would let me. I don't really gain weight, there's pros and cons to that however, I'm grateful that I don't have to keep an eye on my weight.
Nowadays, I don't eat as much when I'm out but when I'm at home, the kitchen's mine. I do understand that, because I'm naturally slim doesn't mean I don't have to look after my insides!

5. I want to travel the world. My mum always freaks out at the idea of me travelling by myself but she knows I've got to grow up. I plan to take a sandwich year during uni and start my travels by doing a placement in New York and then Paris/Italy if possible. As soon as I graduate, I'm gonna be the airport's best friend!

And because we're talking about facts here, let me tell you all one special fact.
 I've reached 400 followers!

I'm so happy that 400 amazing people take the time to read and follow my blog. Everyone starts with 0 and after a year and a half, I'm so grateful that my blog has grown so much in such a short space of time.

I haven't even started yet, I feel like I still have so much to accomplish being only 17 but to have 400 people already behind me and supporting me is such a blessing!
I can't wait to introduce new things onto my blog and into my life and to share them with you all is an amazing thing, I really appreciate the love you all show to me and my blog.

Thank you everyone and once again, thanks for reading!

Jesslyn xo

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  1. Very nice post :)
    It's the first time I'm opening your blog, dear, but you seem to be a very cool person! I enjoyed reading the fact that since age 8, you've always known that you want to be fashion designer. I hope you really achieve your dream!
    Have a look at my blog - I'm currently holding an international jewelry giveaway and some other contests for my readers.

    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much! I pray I do too, I just want to design, if I could do that for the rest of my days, I'd be so happy haha

      Thanks for reading and commenting! xo


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