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NYC Quattro Eyeshadow | Make Up Bag Essentials

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NYC Quattro Eyeshadow 815 Best of Broadway

Hey lovelies, 

I'm back! I know it's been a while but I'll update you all in another post.

Today I've got a review for you! It's an eyeshadow palette one, I bought this NYC palette from Superdrug a couple months back and it has been my daily make up essential ever since.

It consists of four neutral shades, I personally think the palette has quite a pink tone to it, let me know if you agree?
I have the MUA Undressed palette which is also a neutral palette but I always find myself sitting in front of the mirror trying to decide which shades to put together. I wanted a palette that would do that job for me, which is the NYC one. All I have to decide is, whether I want to use all the shades or just two.

I would say the downside to this palette is that they don't have names so I've had to name them shade 1 - 4 from L - R. I think, no matter how cheap the brand or palette is, the shades should always have a name, just to make it easier to explain to people what you're using. Take a leaf out of MAC's book!

The good things are, this palette is quite pigmented, especially shade 1, I find myself having to be very careful when using it. Pigmentation is something every eyeshadow lover looks for so when you buy a cheap palette that gives you that, it puts you on top of
 the world.

I keep saying the word 'cheap' but I can't remember how much this palette was exactly but I know I didn't pay anymore than £3 or £4.
It also came with a mini double ended applicator but I never use them and they always get lost in my make up drawers. I think every brand should ditch the applicators and replace them with mini brushes, the beauty world would be a much better place.

I like the packaging, it's much sturdier than MUA packaging, I feel confident chucking it into my make up without the eyeshadows crumbling or the packaging cracking. One thing I did dislike was that the printing on the front of it, rubbed off so quickly, very annoying. Every product loses it's touch when it rubs off.

You may look at the images and think 'she's hardly used it' but I can assure you it has been my daily palette and I will be using it for a very long time, it looks like it's never going to hit pan.

Overall, it is an amazing product, you can't wrong with a neutral palette that's under £5.
I definitely recommend this palette to anyone looking for a cheap, neutral palette and also to those that are make up beginners and are overwhelmed buying the variety of palettes out there.

I'd love to know if anyone's tried this palette, it would be great to know your thoughts too!

Thanks for reading and it's great to be back,

Jesslyn x

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  1. Love the shades!

    1. It's amazing palette, totally worth it!


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