Friday, 18 April 2014

March Lust List 2014

Adidas Tracksuit Sports Direct | Nike Quick Baller Low Kids Trainers Sports Direct

Hey guys, 

The start of April (well nearly 3 weeks in!), exciting I must say, it means only a couple months until the end of my college course and a few months until my birthday. I'm super excited!

As you guys know, I do monthly lust lists, last month, there wasn't anything I really wanted that I didn't try and get my hands on. I'm trying my best to save money, for summer, my birthday and the all important, final collection at college. So buying unnecessary things is a big no no.

On my lust list this month are what I would call 'basics'.

I'm always on the hunt for things I'll be able to wear/use over and over again and that's exactly what I've got on the lust list this month.
First up, an Adidas Tracksuit. For the past couple of weeks, I've been loving tracksuits, they're so comfortable and save me so much time in the morning. This one in particular has been on my list for a while now, I have two already, one more can't hurt!
Another item up on my lust list, also from Sports Direct, of course another pair of trainers. To me, they are essentials, buying a new pair every month or so doesn't seem excessive. Hmm.

Next is another 'basic' piece, a white v- neck cami. You can never have too many vest tops or white tees, I love the Topshop camis however they are hella overpriced but apparently worth it.

And lastly, a pair of beautiful black sandals. I'm not really a fan of open toed heels or sling backs, none of that. But, I tried on a pair in  New Look and I loved them, as usual, I started planning outfits in my head. They will be amazing to wear throughout the summer months.

So that's my monthly lust list for you guys, let me know what you've all had your eyes on recently.
 I hope you all didn't miss me too much. I'm back with regular posts so stay tuned for new posts this coming week.

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