Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What's New In Jess'. . . Room

Eyelet Pliers Maplin | Doubled Sided Mirror Wilko | Non Slip Hangers & Velvet Clips Primark 
Hoop Earrings (5 pairs) Primark | Rings (set of 12) Primark | 

Hey guys,

Yep, another haul! 
I don't know why I'm shopping so much, I think I'm stressed and shopping is making me mega happy.

I've bought quite a few bits throughout the past week or so, I'd say many unnecessary essentials (if that makes sense), I made myself believe I need them.
Well, onto the haul!

First up was a genuine essential. It's eyelet pliers. I needed them for a college project and I wanted to put in eyelets. They came out amazing and my teachers loved them and were even happier that I actually went through the effort of pressing in each eyelet. Thanks Maplin.

Next is something I didn't need but I knew I really wanted. A double sided, sleek looking mirror. The mirror I had in my room was irritatingly small so on my trip to Wilko, I picked up this one, it was only £4.50 and it looks great on my dressing table.

Umm, yeah, I needed these hangers. I've resulted to hang my new clothes over the rail when I get home because of the lack of hangers and the increase in clothes. The clips were just something I thought would be smart to get with it. The hangers were £4 and the clips were £2!

Hooped earrings are a new thing. I really wanted to try them out to see if I'd learn to like them, I wore a pair and I quite liked them, there's 5 pairs and they're all different sizes. They were only £1 so I thought why not, can't go wrong really.

These rings were on sale for £1 in Primark, I couldn't just walk away and leave them there. 12 rings for £1!

The mission right now is to get my hair to a really healthy state. It's in great condition right now and I'm managing to keep the length but I just want my hair to be more healthy and longer.
These are the products I needed for my hair regime, some were to replace empty bottles and others were products I'd been recommend to get for my hair.
I'm going to be doing a 'how I look after texturised hair' post very soon so keep your eyes peeled for a lengthy review on all my products and my regime!

And lastly, this beauty. This gorgeous aviator jacket was on sale. For £10. In Primark. I tweeted a picture during my shopping trip with my mum because I was that excited. I saw the one jacket hanging up in the reflection of mirror, I ran over, picked it up and told my mum 'I'm getting it'. She just rolled her eyes because I hardly took a second look at the jacket and it was in the basket haha! It's beautiful, don't ya think?

Thanks for reading guys, have any of you taken a trip to Primark lately or picked up some new hair products? I'd love to know what you've all chucked in the shopping basket lately!


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