Tuesday, 11 March 2014

OOTD | Can't Be Bothered

T-Shirt H&M | Hoodie Punky Fish | Leather Jacket River Island (old) | Joggers Adidas 
 Trainers Nike Satires | Bag Primark | Necklaces Primark


Just like the title says, I cannot be bothered!

As a fashion and beauty blogger, there's this expectation to be dressed to a certain standard or have your hair and make up perfect. I'm the complete opposite, you guys all catch me on a good day haha

I went to college in this outfit and I felt so good, I felt free. My hair has been out for over a week and I'm loving it, I'm learning how to look after my hair better and it's definitely getting healthier (post soon!)

I made it my mission to get some new tracksuits, hoodies and joggers to wear out, just so on those lazy days, I could just throw them on.
As college is coming to a point where I just can't be asked to look good all the time, I know it would be a great relief to have things I can throw on. Goodbye jeans! 

With this outfit (can I call it an outfit?) I just chucked on my new joggers, found a stretch top, threw on my hoodie and picked between the leather jacket and the quilted Primark jacket. I wore 2 necklaces to give the 'look' some thought.

No outfit of mine would be complete without a pair of trainers so I threw on a pair that looked best and left my house and surprise, surprise, I wasn't rushing to the bus stop. I wonder why!

What are your 'can't be bothered' outfits like? I'd love to know, share the laziness!

Hope you're all well, 

Jesslyn xo


  1. Your skin looks flawless! What foundation do you use?
    I have the same hoodie as you haha :) x


    1. Thank you! I've been working on keeping my skin clear! I mix the Revlon Color Stay and the Maybelline Pure Mineral Liquid Foundation, I have to mix because I'm a weird shade during the winter and haha it's my favourite hoodie, so comfortable!



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