Wednesday, 5 March 2014

February Lust List '14

Hello everyone!

  It's a few (or more) days of March and throughout February I've had my eye on a million and one things.
So you guys know I produce a little lust list at the beginning of every month and this month's is probably one where I want all the items like right now.

First up is the textured sleeveless boyfriend jacket. This would be such an amazing piece to have in the Spring wardrobe, layering it up with jumpers and leggings with a pair of boots or trainers. Definitely need! The colour is amazing too, so Spring-y! However, as I type, I've just been told it's out of stock so I'm going to go for the gingham one, I think!

Next is the bomber jacket from Topshop, I don't really shop in Topshop but there's always things I admire online but never really aim to buy them but bomber jackets are my weakness. I have a navy, quilted bomber and I love it and can't wait to start wearing it again. This is another piece for me to have in the wardrobe.

Now this is a bit of random want but the Copic Ciao Markers. As an aspiring fashion designer, I'm always on the look out for new things to enhance my drawing or sewing skills. I did a little research and these markers kept popping up so I looked at them more closely. They were so expensive so I turned to eBay and voila, much cheaper. They had a black/grey set, multi-coloured set and the skin tone. I want the skin tone first and then I'll build my collection. (Ooo, more collections!)

Every girl needs a new pair of shoes monthly (on the basis that you're not really going out during the month) and this month my eyes have been on the slip-on skaters I've seen floating about.
I saw these babies on the Topshop website and fell in love, they're fur, black and white and amazing. I need them now, someone buy them for me please!

Lastly is something I probably lust over every month, a make up brush. I'm a self-confessed eBay addict and you guys know I love my eBay make up brushes, they're amazing quality, same level as the Real Techniques brushes just for a tenth of the price. This large tapered brush has caught my eye and it would be great to have in my collection, not that I need it or know what to use it for.

So that's my February lust list for you guys, what have you been lusting over recently?

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn x

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