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Electrical Facial Brush Review

Hey everyone, 

I've got a review for all you skincare crazies lovers. Ever thought, 'I really want the Clarisonic Mia 2'? and then thought 10 seconds later 'Do I really want to pay over £100 for it'? Well, I was one of those people so being the eBay addict I went on to eBay and had a look around but the 'reduction' wasn't a huge difference and I was a bit apprehensive to spend that amount of money on eBay, there are scammers out there!

I then started searching for, 'facial cleansing brush' and 'electrical facial brush' and 'multi-function facial cleansing brush', you get the picture. This brush kept on popping up and what was even more appealing and tempting was the price, it was coming in at just over £3, now that's a serious bargain.

So thinking, 'it definitely can't go wrong, it's only £3', I went ahead and purchased it and it was with me withing 2 weeks. Now I've had this device since the beginning of the year (new year treat?) and have been using it on a weekly basis since.

It has an off switch and then you choose between 'high' and 'low' which indicates the speed of the rotating brush (or other interchanging pieces). I love the fact that you can choose a speed, especially if you want to go over sensitive areas. It is also battery powered which I thought was going to be a problem at first however I haven't had to change the batteries at all since I bought it!

Above is the 'brush head', I use this one the most, mainly because it's soft on the skin and it's an all rounder. It's not harsh on my skin so I can use it on my cheeks and my nose on a high speed (they are sensitive!) I use it with my Superdrug Anti-Bacterial Daily Cream Wash, it foams up well and gets deep into the skin.

This is what the 'brush' looks like without any heads attached to it. Fitting the heads onto it is pretty simple, you literally fit it onto the hexagon shaped motor. Even though there's nothing holding on the head or you don't hear a click of any sort, I've never experienced any of the heads spinning off or anything crazy.

This what I call the 'sandpaper head' because of the fact that it feels like sandpaper. When  I say sandpaper, it sounds so rough but it isn't at all. When I first used it, I went overboard and literally sanded my face down and it was incredibly sore a day afterwards and I knew that I used it too much. Now I know my limits, it works amazing and gets the bits a brush won't get off.

The last 3 heads are my least used ones, I'll start off with the 'sponge head', I use this one to put my deep cleansing oil on, before or after I've done my cleanse, it gets deep into the skin which is why I like it, the only downside (for a lazy person) is cleaning it.
The next one is the 'blending head', I named it that because it reminds me of the beauty blender haha! I use this one after I have cleansed and my face is squeaky clean, if I feel my face needs that extra smoothing, I use it . Again, the downside is the cleaning.
That last one is the 'massage head', I hardly ever use this because I don't feel I need it. When my mum was doing a facial on me, I told her to use it and she was quite excited to use. I think it's great to help the blood circulate and I'll definitely try and use it more!

Overall, I'm glad I bought it, if the one I had now stopped working for any reason or I lost it, I'd happily re-purchase. If you're looking for a cheap facial cleansing brush and can't fork out a crazy amount for the Clarisonics etc. this is a great alternative.
I'd recommend this everyone, no matter what skin type and what have you got to lose, it's only a little bit over £3. If you do want to purchase here's the link!

Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you purchased or maybe you've tried it already?

Jesslyn x


  1. ooh this sounds like a bargain!

    from helen at

    1. It definitely is! It hasn't failed me once, I love it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting xo


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