Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What's New In Jess' . . . Closet | feat. LOVE & Topshop

Hey guys, 

Long time, no blog. I'd been hit by bloggers' block and just didn't know what to put up, obviously I wouldn't want to put any old posts, so I just took a mini break. During that 'mini break', I've been designing my final collection for college which has really inspired me and brought out the creative side of me.

As you can see, I've not being shopping as much as I usually do. I'm trying to save up for birthday in summer and also trying to prove to my mum that I can earn money and save it. So little, old me has been saving up, yes I have and I'll be treating myself every now and then and sharing with you guys of course.

Fortnightly, I'm treating myself to a nail treatment, I love acrylic nails so I've begun a new addiction, from now until forever (slight exaggeration!) I'll be getting them done. I'll probably blog my new set each time, at the moment I'm not happy with the set I have so when I get them fixed, I'll definitely show you guys.

Onto the post. . . 

So first up is this amazing sleeveless boyfriend jacket from LOVE. I originally had my eyes on the powder blue one but it sold out so quickly, I didn't even get a chance so I opted for the gingham one. Being a not so girly dresser, boyfriend jackets, jeans, shoes, coats are all up my alley, I love anything that doesn't look too feminine and girly. This jacket is a such a staple Spring piece, I just couldn't go without. 

I especially love the length, just past the knee, you can also get away with it being a dress if you chuck a belt on top. I cannot wait for the weather to warm so I can wear my Spring clothes!

Well, you can't see the excitement on my face but I was pretty excited to show you guys my new shoes. NEW SHOES! 
I've been eyeing up these beauties for quite some time, they even made it into my monthly lust lists. I really wanted them and I got them. The fact that they were only £20 made me want them even more, I managed to get them for £18 thanks to student discount. I love these skater shoes, they're different to what I normally wear which is boyish trainers. So, I'm definitely excited to bring these out the pile during S/S. I'm a bit apprehensive to wear them now because I don't want the rain to ruin the fur!

So those are the two new bits in my closet, I hope you guys like 'em, I love them!

Thanks for reading, 
Jesslyn xoxo

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

OOTD | The Wallace Collection

Hello guys, 

I've got a double whammy for you all today! An OOTD and loads (loads!) of picture from a museum trip.

Being a college student means being dragged on a boring trips to the museum (or the inside of John Lewis to stare at the Olympic stadium, yes). 
However, we hardly go on any trips so being told by my tutor that were going on a trip to The Wallace Collection, me and my best friend were extreeeeeeemely excited.

Woke up that morning and I couldn't be bothered to get dressed so I thought a pinafore would be best.
I threw a hoodie on, I love my hoodies, they are probably one of the most worn things in my wardrobe.

My outfit was pretty black for a sunny Spring day but what can I do, the clouds looked quite grey as I was getting ready and then it brightened up towards lunch. Always the way in Britain.

Hoodie Nike | Pinafore New Look | Aviator Jacket Primark | Bag Peacocks | Watch eBay 
Shoes Nike Satire

Here are half of the pictures I took, I took loads! I thought I'd find museum trip quite fun and inspiring.
The Wallace Collection is a must see! 'It's behind Selfridges, Oxford Street' my teacher kept on saying, so I'm guessing that's exactly where it is. 
There are so many things I saw that I wanted to take home and put in my bedroom. I must've said 'wouldn't you want that in your bedroom?' about a million times!

The chair I naughtily sat on!

I love to put my earrings in this!

Hope you guys enjoyed my OOTD and museum trip pictures!

Thanks for reading,

Jesslyn xo

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Electrical Facial Brush Review

Hey everyone, 

I've got a review for all you skincare crazies lovers. Ever thought, 'I really want the Clarisonic Mia 2'? and then thought 10 seconds later 'Do I really want to pay over £100 for it'? Well, I was one of those people so being the eBay addict I went on to eBay and had a look around but the 'reduction' wasn't a huge difference and I was a bit apprehensive to spend that amount of money on eBay, there are scammers out there!

I then started searching for, 'facial cleansing brush' and 'electrical facial brush' and 'multi-function facial cleansing brush', you get the picture. This brush kept on popping up and what was even more appealing and tempting was the price, it was coming in at just over £3, now that's a serious bargain.

So thinking, 'it definitely can't go wrong, it's only £3', I went ahead and purchased it and it was with me withing 2 weeks. Now I've had this device since the beginning of the year (new year treat?) and have been using it on a weekly basis since.

It has an off switch and then you choose between 'high' and 'low' which indicates the speed of the rotating brush (or other interchanging pieces). I love the fact that you can choose a speed, especially if you want to go over sensitive areas. It is also battery powered which I thought was going to be a problem at first however I haven't had to change the batteries at all since I bought it!

Above is the 'brush head', I use this one the most, mainly because it's soft on the skin and it's an all rounder. It's not harsh on my skin so I can use it on my cheeks and my nose on a high speed (they are sensitive!) I use it with my Superdrug Anti-Bacterial Daily Cream Wash, it foams up well and gets deep into the skin.

This is what the 'brush' looks like without any heads attached to it. Fitting the heads onto it is pretty simple, you literally fit it onto the hexagon shaped motor. Even though there's nothing holding on the head or you don't hear a click of any sort, I've never experienced any of the heads spinning off or anything crazy.

This what I call the 'sandpaper head' because of the fact that it feels like sandpaper. When  I say sandpaper, it sounds so rough but it isn't at all. When I first used it, I went overboard and literally sanded my face down and it was incredibly sore a day afterwards and I knew that I used it too much. Now I know my limits, it works amazing and gets the bits a brush won't get off.

The last 3 heads are my least used ones, I'll start off with the 'sponge head', I use this one to put my deep cleansing oil on, before or after I've done my cleanse, it gets deep into the skin which is why I like it, the only downside (for a lazy person) is cleaning it.
The next one is the 'blending head', I named it that because it reminds me of the beauty blender haha! I use this one after I have cleansed and my face is squeaky clean, if I feel my face needs that extra smoothing, I use it . Again, the downside is the cleaning.
That last one is the 'massage head', I hardly ever use this because I don't feel I need it. When my mum was doing a facial on me, I told her to use it and she was quite excited to use. I think it's great to help the blood circulate and I'll definitely try and use it more!

Overall, I'm glad I bought it, if the one I had now stopped working for any reason or I lost it, I'd happily re-purchase. If you're looking for a cheap facial cleansing brush and can't fork out a crazy amount for the Clarisonics etc. this is a great alternative.
I'd recommend this everyone, no matter what skin type and what have you got to lose, it's only a little bit over £3. If you do want to purchase here's the link!

Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you purchased or maybe you've tried it already?

Jesslyn x

Friday, 14 March 2014

How I Care For Texturised Hair

Hey guys,

I don't usually do hair posts because I don't do much in terms of styling. However, when it comes to maintaining and looking after my hair, I do a lot. Quite a few people have asked me what I do to my hair or if it's real so I'm gonna give you guys the lowdown on my hair. Start to Finish!

In these pictures my is hair is two weeks post, I texturised it after taking out my weave I had in for a month. I straightened my hair three days before taking these pictures. When straightening my hair, I focus on the roots because that's new growth and not the ends as they are literally straight already. Applying too much heat to the ends will increase breakage and split ends.

First, I'm going to talk you through how I moisturise my hair because that it is the most important part of my regime.
I start off with separating my hair into four sections, I start with the back and start moisturising. I mix leave-in conditioner, oil moisturiser, Jamaican black castor oil and argan oil in my hand (all coin sized amounts) and moisturise the ends and work my way up. When I've moisturised all the sections, I start again and grease my scalp with the oil moisturiser and use the black castor oil on the perimeter of my hair.

After fully moisturising, with my hair still in the four sections, I use a wide tooth comb and detangle my hair. When I've detangled the whole head, I use Hask's Argan Oil on the ends of my hair to make them feel and look healthier.

When the whole moisturising and detangling process is done, I split my hair into two sections and clip them up and let the moisturiser and all the oils settle in. I do this regime usually an hour or so before I go to bed and then I tie it up and wear a satin scarf to prevent breakage.

With my moisturising regime, I don't do it daily as my hair follicles would be too clogged up with oils so I aim to do it at least every two days. I use my Argan Oil on the ends of my hair everyday. I wash my hair weekly or at least a week and a half. I get very itchy scalp if I leave my hair longer than two weeks which is the main reason why I struggle to keep a weave in for longer than four weeks.

Below is a list of all the products I use for my hair! 

Back Row L-R | Africa's Best Oil Moisturiser | Organics by Africa's Best Olive Oil Shampoo Soft'N'Free Milk & Protein Olive Oil Sulfate Free 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo
Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray

Front Row L-R | Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil | Argan Oil Hair Treatment | Hask Argan Oil 
Organics by Africa's Best Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner

First up is the Hask Argan Oil!
I use this mainly for the ends of my hair or for adding extra shine to my hair when straightening or blow drying. I've been using it for months and it's a great product, I'd recommend it anyone that has dry/dull hair. It makes my hair very smooth and my hair feels healthier especially when applying it straight after washing my hair.

Here I have the Argan Oil Hair Treatment. It has Moroccan argan oil extract which helps add extra moisture and healthiness. It is quite similar to the Hask Argan Oil and I use it more often because there's more in it. I use it the same way I use the Hask Argan Oil just more frequently.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Probably one of the best hair products for afro-textured hair, it's supposed to stimulate growth. I use it on the perimeter of my head to strengthen my hair around the edges as they are evidently shorter and weaker. This holy product has been thickening my hair like crazy, I love it! I also use it for my eyebrows before bed. I want them thicker!

Oil Moisturiser. My hair needs this. It's equivalent to food. I use it for the scalp and for the hair, I don't use it daily as it makes my hair quite heavy and limp. It definitely for those days that my hair is really dry or after washing.

Another Product from Argan Oil and it's the Heat Defence Leave In Spray. I always spray this generously all over my hair before blow drying/straightening/curling. It's always good to have some type of heat defence whether you're going to be straightening on a daily basis or doing just a weekly blow dry. Save those ends from becoming split ends, they're a pain to repair.

Organics by Africa's Best is probably one of my favourite hair brands, all their products have worked well in my hair. This leave-in conditioner is a newish addition, when the Motions leave-in conditioner finished, I couldn't wait to try this one out. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. Whenever I do my full on moisturising regime, this is part of it, it adds that extra moisture. I also apply it to my hair after shampooing. . which leads me to . . . 

Shampoos! Whenever I do a thorough hair cleanse, I use the Organics Deep Conditioner (not pictured) and wash it out with the Organics Olive Oil Shampoo that has sulfate in it (which dries out my hair) but it gets the hair clean. After rinsing out that shampoo, I use the Soft'N'Free Sulfate Free Shampoo which restores the moisture that the Organics Shampoo took away. Both products work well together, I'm glad that I found out that sulfate was the substance that was drying out my hair and the solution was to find a shampoo that was free of it. When I want to just wash my hair normally, I only use the sulfate-free shampoo.

So that's my hair care post for you guys! If  you'd like me to do any other hair related posts here on FashionSquash, let me know, I'd love to!

Thanks for reading and I hope it's been helpful,

Jesslyn xo
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