Sunday, 16 February 2014

What's New In Jess' . . . Room | Mannequin

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Finally, finally, I've purchased a mannequin.

I'd been itching to buy one but couldn't bring myself to invest in one even though I knew I needed it. I searched through eBay, Amazon, all sorts but I just couldn't trust it.

As the half term break drew nearer, I knew I would need a mannequin for my final piece so I went over to my eBay watch list and had a thorough read of the reviews, noticing that the seller I 'd bought mine from had 99.8% positive feedback I thought I'd go ahead and buy it.

So I took, what I thought was a risk and purchased it. I'm a huge eBay fan but this was the one thing I struggled to pay for, I'm not sure why haha

I paid £28.95 for a size 12 mannequin. It's all white, wooden and can be adjusted in height from 56" to 66". It has a polystyrene body which you can pin in to etc., it also came with a chrome post, white thistle top and tripod base. I love the fact that it has a jersey cover which you can remove and wash if you need to.
It arrived at my house in 2 DAYS! That made me so happy, to see that it was inside my house, ready to open and use when I came back from college made me the happiest person alive.

I've already started my final piece on it, I'm definitely going to be putting it to good use!

 I'm currently catching up on LFW and getting ready to cook some din-dins for the family.

I hope everyone's well and thanks for reading!


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