Wednesday, 5 February 2014

OOTD | Another Primark Jumper

Jumper, Jeans, Snood, Coat Primark | Necklace H&M | Casio Watch The Watch Hut* (review)
Shoes Nike Satires

Hi guys,

I'm on a roll with these OOTD's, I've been trying to make an effort with outfits and trying to actually wear things I buy. It's late and I really wanted to get this OOTD up today so I thought why not take a break from all the work I'm doing and put up a post.
College is hell at the moment, I'm trying to get my portfolio up to scratch for my uni interviews. I have an interview for London College of Fashion on friday and I'm excited but also bricking it. Thinking about having to lug my A2 portfolio around London for all my interviews is making me tired already. But anyway I'm rambling, parents aren't listening to me talk so I might as well tell you guys!

Okaaaay, I bought another jumper from Primark which I'm loving, I bought it in a size 16, I usually buy jumpers in a 10 or 12 but I'm surprised at how the arms fit me exactly and it isn't so oversized considering it is a 16 and I'm petite.
My outfit is pretty Primark, I love the High Waisted Skinny Jeans, I saw so many reviews and everyone seemed so happy they hadn't dunked themselves into the deep end and bought the Topshop Joni Jeans which they claimed to be not so great quality.
I love the fit of the Primark jeans, I didn't get it in black because I have too many black pairs so I opted for the navy. They were only £10 which is a great bargain!

You guys know I love my trainers so I've chucked another pair on today, it's not really a hard choice, whatever I feel to wear that day, I just pull out the stack and throw them on!

Phew! Never typed so fast in my life!
Thanks for reading guys and keep your lovely eyes peeled for more posts this week.



  1. your make up is flawless (I can't get over how clear your skin is!!!) and as always, your style is on point x

    1. Thank youuu, I'm glad you noticed, I've been working so hard on getting my skin perfect, there's still some imperfections but nothing a bit of make up can't cover up! And thanks again xo


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