Wednesday, 19 February 2014

London Fashion Week A/W14 | Round Up

Hello everyone, 

If you missed my round up of New York Fashion Week, make sure you check it out!

Onto London. LFW is by far my favourite, not just because I've lived in London all life but because London fashion is so diverse. You can express your personality through your style and no one would give you a second look (maybe a stare at first!) London is full of different cultures, anything goes really!

Now my top 5!

First up is my all time favourite designer, David Koma. The reason why I love DK so much is because he inspires me so much as an aspiring designer. I'm more likely to draw out a collection based on one of his outfits than to say 'I want that dress'. Also, his collection always look so strong and powerful, love it! 

Mazhar is a new one for me, I didn't really pay attention to him last season but this season I couldn't help but notice.
I love the way the models look, they look so urban and so not girly. I'm a huge fan, I definitely think that this collection is a love it or hate it.

My college tutor told me to look out for Holly Fulton this season because I might like what she does and guess what? I clearly love it! I love the simplicity of her collections, the pastels softened the amazing prints and the silhouettes are so flattering.

Another new designer for me, I've definitely been more open minded to designers I don't usually pay attention to. I love the oversized tees and coats and simple prints. I also really love the colour palette, simple but effective. 

Lastly is KTZ. Another one of my favourite designers, love this season's collection. The prints are amaaaaazing, the first outfit, I need in my wardrobe ASAP. There's definitely a boyish aspect to this collection and I really like that.

What have been your favourites from LFW? Do we have any similarities?
I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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