Friday, 14 February 2014


Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd update you all on what's been going with me.

One of my main new year's resolutions was to get organised and I'm absolutely failing. I wouldn't say I'm failing in general but blog-wise I'm failing miserably.
Obviously my education has to come first and that's what I've been doing, I've been getting my portfolio up to scratch for uni interviews and trying to make my final piece for a project. On top of that, my tutor has informed us all that we have to start thinking up ideas for our final major project, exciting but stressful.

 Today, I sat at my sewing machine and sewed my life away, I managed to get a garment done from scratch which is a mega achievement as I get bored quick and give up on things when I get tired.
It's quite late now but I'm not tired and the creative wires seem to be going crazy, up inside my brain which is annoying for my sister who doesn't care about what I have to say at this time of the night whilst she's trying to sleep haha

I've been using my blog schedule a lot to help me plan out posts for the next couple of weeks which is really helpful at this time of the year where I've got so much going on at once.

I've also got a few personal projects coming up soon that I can't wait to share with you all, one's a styling gig which is super fun at the moment and the other's a little modelling thing so I'll definitely keep you all posted and show you bits and pieces of what I'm up to.

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan but I hope everyone had a good one, I can't wait to get back into the swing of blogging now I'm on half term break, I've got so much I want to get out there!

Also, because the blogging community is the most helpful community, I'd really love to invest in a new camera very soon so if any of you have suggestions on what would be a good one to get, let me know!

Thanks for reading and feel free to tweet me (@JesslynJuly) or email me (, I'm always quick to respond even when I'm not around on the blog.

Hope you're all well!

Jesslyn xxx


  1. I'm always the most creative late at night as well!
    What king of camera are you looking for?


    1. Especially when I've been inspired by something, I won't go to sleep until I've got it on paper or laptop!
      Hmm, I think I'm looking to purchase some type of SLR or bridge camera :)


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