Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sorting Out My Wardrobe

Hey guys,

Hope the first week of 2014 has been productive and you haven't already given up on your resolutions!

One of my resolutions was to get organised, so this week I decided t0 get my wardrobe nice and tidy. My wardrobe had been a mess for weeks and it was making me quite frustrated especially when trying to get ready. So I said, 'enough is enough, I'm going to clear up this mess!'

First of all, I took out anything that was in my wardrobe that wasn't hung up or just wasn't in it's place and put it into piles of skirts and trousers, tops and coats, jackets and cardigans.
I always find it easier to tidy up wardrobe when I've sorted things into categories.

I then took all the hangers that didn't have anything on them and put them all onto one side of my wardrobe so they'd be easier to find when re-hanging.
The random looking hanger on the right is what I use to hung up my belts, I don't have very many, just your standard neutral coloured belts, I buy them when I need them.

Just simply slip the belts through and voila, tidy and easy to find, I'm pretty sure I'll find some more in my drawers that also need tidying haha

I started hanging up the clothes I'd put into categories, jackets and coats first because they are easiest and then knitwear/jumpers, skirts and trousers and then tops. I also put my dresses into a section but they hardly get messed up because I don't really wear them.

So here's the before and after of my wardrobe, on the top part of my wardrobe I store my jeans, everyday tops that don't need to be hung, snoods and pj's!
My plan for this year is to get rid of my wardrobe and have a clothes rail as I feel it looks nicer and it will create more space in my bedroom so I'll update you guys when I do!

Hope you guys like my 'how I sort out my wardrobe' post and gave you a few ideas on how to sort out your own!
Thanks for reading and if you have any, leave me tips on keeping the wardrobe tidy!

Jesslyn x


  1. I really need to organise my wardrobe (again) x


    1. You'll be so relieved when you do! It's hard to keep tidy, I think that's the problem! x

  2. Tidying is so stress relieving - especially at the start of the year! I agree with the rail idea; I bought an accommodating wardrobe and a rail to stand next to it, which is really useful for hanging new / unworn clothes that may have otherwise forgotten about! x


    1. Definitely, I don't feel so stressed when I'm looking for things to wear! That's a really good idea, I always forget about things I've bought!

      Thanks for commenting x


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