Saturday, 25 January 2014

eBay Brushes

Bonjour my lovely readers!

It's no secret here on FashionSquash that I love eBay, I posted a haul in the past where most of the purchases were from eBay. As I type, I'm looking to order an ID chain off there, no joke!

Late last year, I went on eBay-brush-buying frenzy and ended up with 5 amazing brushes in the space of 2 weeks. The great thing about eBay is that the price makes you feel less guilty about buying.

When you think about eBay, you automatically put cheap and rubbish quality in a bag with it. That is not the case with these brushes, I can tell you that. I didn't pay anymore than £2 for any of these brushes, you'd be surprised at how amazing the quality of these are. If you've tried any brushes from eBay, I'd love to know if you thought they were amaze-balls!

Below are all the brushes I purchased! I'll try and leave links to all the brushes.

The Flat Top Foundation Brush. This one was in with others as a Real Techniques dupe, I love my RT buffing brush so I highly doubted that the ones on eBay would live up to the standards. I was wrong, this brush is one of my favourites, I use it whenever I can, (when it's not dirty basically) and it's the perfect brush for blending in that foundation, it's exactly the same size as the RT Buffing Brush, the only difference is that it's flat.

Another Flat Top Foundation Brush, this one is a little bit larger than the previous one and is great for quickly applying foundation, I do use it for powder more than foundation. It's not as dense as the RT brushes however it's still an amazing and versatile brush.

The Round Top Foundation Brush. I use this one for foundation, powder and blusher. It has the same density as the previous flat top brush as they are being sold by the same seller, the only difference is the clour of the brush. I'd recommend this one if you're after an all round amazing brush.

The Blending Brush, both me and my sister have this brush and we have both agreed that this is a great brush. It is quite big for an eye blending brush but it good for when you're in a rush and want to cover a large area, quickly.
It's also a good brush to use to blend in concealer or highlighter. Definitely recommend this one if you're after a good quality blending brush to add to the collection.

Lastly, another Blending Brush but a small one. This one is evidently smaller than the other and is great for using in the crease. It's the perfect size to use in the crease and also if you have smaller lids you can use it as a blending brush.

Hope you guys liked my eBay brushes low-down and hopefully I've enticed you all to head over to eBay and stock up on some brushes!
Thanks for reading
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