Saturday, 21 December 2013

Pre - Christmas Superdrug Haul #bigblogmasproject Day 21

Hey everyone,

Long time no blog, I've been really lazy with my blogging lately, I've been trying to focus on getting ready for Christmas and I've been working on my portfolio and sketchbook for uni interviews. I haven't been purposely ignoring my blog, it's just the last thing I do, however I always remember to take pictures especially for a haul!

Me and my sister took a trip to our local Superdrug (it's literally 5 mins away from home) and we decided to buy a few things for ourselves and each other (it's giving season!) I spent much more on my sister than I did on my self, there wasn't much I wanted and didn't want to buy a lot because I knew I'd be getting more beauty bits for Christmas.
I've wrapped my sister's items so they can't be included in the haul (obviously Jesslyn!)

First of all, I needed a new hand cream, during winter my hands are constantly dry even when I've just moisturised them, as soon as I step outside they look so dry. I thought I'd try out Superdrug's brand, they had many different ones but I opted for the 2 in 1 hand and nail cream, I've been loving it so far.
Also from the Superdrug brand, facial cleansing wipes. I know some people hate wipes but wipes are great to have. Great for travelling or just lazy days. I've used them before and I love them.

The next 2 items are from MUA, I love MUA and most of my make up collection is MUA. I really wanted to try something from the luxe range so I picked up the lip lacquer in Kooky. I can't wait to try it out and review it for you guys. Second is the Pro-Base fixing mist, I've been very hesitant to buy MUA's fixing mist because I wasn't sure if it would perform well, I read a couple reviews and most people seemed to like it so I went for it and bought it.

I had my eye on the NYC quad eye shadow palette in Best of Broadway for so long but I didn't want to get it because I had never tried any palettes or eye shadows from NYC so I wasn't sure if I should. But it's Christmas and I thought why not, it's only £3!

LA Colors is also a great make up brand that I love, they stock LA Colors in my local hair shop and I always pick up something from the counter. They also stock LA Colors in Beauty Base in Westfield Stratford.
I picked up a lip liner in a nude-y brown to wear under lip glosses and it was only 99p!

It's not from Superdrug but I bought this cardigan from Primark, it was on sale for £5 and I couldn't help myself. I think I went into Primark to look for a certain thing but they didn't have it so I bought this to make myself happier haha

That's yet again another haul for you all!
I can't stop shopping guys, I know you all love the hauls and I love shopping so everyone's happy!

Haha thanks for reading guys!


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