Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Christmas Tree #bigblogmasproject Day 22

Hey everyone, 

Here's my Christmas tree!
I had to wait ages, I'm always the one screaming on the 1st December 'when are we putting up the Christmas tree?'
As they say 'many hands make light work' so having 5 siblings meant this tree was put up in a flash.
It's 6ft6 which is the perfect height for our living room, doesn't overpower or take up too much space.

We stuck to the decorations being silver, so different sized silver balls and tinsel. We also went with the multi coloured lights, I think it would've looked nicer with white lights!
There's not much to say, the pictures speak for themselves haha

Hope you guys like my tree! What colour schemes did you go with this year?
I'd love to know, give me a few ideas for next year!

Jesslyn x

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