Sunday, 15 December 2013

Maybelline Pure-Liquid Mineral Foundation | First Impressions

Hello everyone!

I haven't done a beauty post in a while and I wanted to share with you guys a new foundation I purchased a a while ago.
I wanted to finish my current foundation (I still haven't, I couldn't resist) before starting a new one.
I bought it from a make up stall inside my local shopping centre that sell discounted make up.

I paid £4 for this foundation, I think they've stopped selling it in Boots and I haven't seen it in Superdrug but I know you can purchase it from Fragrance Direct.

I applied this foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I put a pea-sized amount on the back of my hand and applied the first layer. Then, I let it sink into my sink for about 10mins and then I applied the second layer. It has great coverage, I don't like my foundations to be too heavy so this coverage is perfect.

I didn't use a moisturiser before or any powder after applying the foundation to see how my skin would react to it.

I kept on the foundation for the whole day, it was quite dry at the start of the day, I think this was due to not using a moisturiser but as the day progressed I could see the oilyness coming through, my oily skin never takes a break!
I've only used this foundation once and my first impressions are that it's a very light foundation because it's oil free and it blends very well.
It's definitely buildable and can be used if you have oily skin. I'd recommend you use a powder after applying if you have oily skin.
I'm going to do a full review when I start using this foundation regularly and let you guys know how I get on with it!

Let me know if you've tried this foundation and what your opinions are on it!
Thanks for reading guys

Jesslyn x

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