Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Gifts #bigblogmasproject Day 23

 Hey guys!

Today's post is about gifts.

Every year everybody goes crazy making sure they've bought a gift for everyone in the family, whether it's a small or big gift. It's always nice to present a gift to loved ones, the look on their faces when they open a gift is priceless.
I'm definitely a giver, I love giving and helping, it's a natural thing for me to be generous, especially at Christmas time. This year I definitely went over the top with buying gifts, I just couldn't help myself!

My mum said something to me and my siblings this year that made really think, 'why do we need to give gifts? Can't we just do nice things for each other that day?' So she came up with the idea of writing nice things you can do for someone on a little piece and put it in a bowl and then on Christmas day, you pick one and then person that wrote it, will do that nice thing for you. I think it's such a nice idea, trust my mum to come up with something like that. Christmas isn't all about the gifts!

I'm so excited for Christmas and I can't wait to spend time with my family and I really, really can't wait for that Christmas dinner!

How are you spending your Christmas day, I'd love to know!
Thanks for reading guys!

Jesslyn x

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