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Christmas Gift Guide | For Mum & Dad #bigblogmasproject Day 17

Dad's Slippers John Lewis | Mum's Slipper John Lewis 
Mum's Hand Mixer Debennhams | Dad's Tool Box Homebase
Mum and Dad's Spice Rack John Lewis

Hi guys,

Christmas is around the corner and if like me, you're still rushing around for presents and the presents list is dragging on the floor behind you, you're stressing out a bit and don't know what to buy the ones that are on top of your list. Here's a Christmas gift guide for your beloved parents.

When it comes to parents (well, mine) they never give you the slightest clue to what they'd want, they say 'you don't need to buy me anything' or 'spend the money on your siblings' which makes it so hard to buy them a gift when you really want to. 

Slippers. Every year, someone in my family buys my parents slippers and they love it. Who doesn't love a new pair of comfy slippers? Pyjamas, dressing gowns, extra cosy socks are always great presents. There are so many different types of slippers out there, I'm sure you'll find a pair to suit any personality.

Next are the tools! Parents love tools, anything to make a job easier, they want. Any baker would love a hand mixer, speeds up the process and makes everything about baking easier, right? Mama would love that!
And I know dads have a million and one tool boxes already but bits and bobs always go missing! So why not buy him another one, he'd be more than happy to try and balance yet another one on the shed shelf.

Now, if you're really stuck or you've bought them separate gifts already, joint gifts are always nice.
My parents both love cooking and their spices. A spice rack is a great thing to have in the kitchen and for them to share. They'll also think it's quite fancy shmancy and they'll be happy that you went out and bought them something even when they insisted you don't!

That's my Christmas gift guide for mummy and daddy!
I hope it's helped you out a little bit if you were stuck on what to buy your parents, thanks for reading!

Jesslyn x


  1. great gift guide! cant go wrong with a tool set for the dad :)
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

    1. thanks and definitely, he gets one every year because I know he always loves getting them haha xo


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