Saturday, 14 December 2013

3 Days With FashionSquash #bigblogmasproject Day 11, 12 & 13

Hey everyone, 

I'm going to start off by apologising for my unforeseen absence, I've been so busy this week that I haven't been able to blog, chill or even tweet!
I've had multiple college deadlines (another one on Monday too!) and I've just been trying to get all my work done as you know my education comes before blogging. 
So due to the fact that I'm supposed to be blogging everyday for the #bigblogmasproject, I decided to put together a post that is 3 days in one, as I took pictures everyday and thought I share my 3 absent days with you all!

Onto the post... 
Warning: It's a picture heavy one!

Day 1 - the 11th

So it was a normal Wednesday at college, a boring one that is. Until, my two little (literally haha!) friends invited me and my best friend out for lunch and we couldn't help but say yes.
They recommended we all go to a kebab place they'd been to before and it was amazing! I think I tweeted a picture that day!
It was called the 'Waterfall Kebab Centre' and it's 10mins or so away from our college. The plates they brought us were massive, we struggled to finish it, thanks to my fast metabolism and quick digestive system, we didn't waste too much!
We were so stuffed, we literally walked into college like pregnant women haha 
That was basically the highlight of my day, definitely got my brain food, worked like a machine when I got back to college!
How I'm going to miss my college days :(

Day 2 - the 12th

It's Thursday and it's another day at college. 
Getting ready on a Thursday morning is always a rush, even though I have an hour extra to get ready, I still manage to be rushing!
My wardrobe at the moment is a disgrace, there's clothes spilling out the bottom, clothes and belt being hung over the rail, it's just all a mess, I don't know how I find anything. I definitely want to get rid of my wardrobe and have an open closet/clothing rail!

It was going to be a day of finishing off the portfolio pages I'd started for my portfolio advice day at London College of Fashion. I spent my day drawing away, sticking things down and making sure there were a good selection of pages.
Me and bestie always take trips to toilet during long lessons so we took a couple pictures on the way back to class haha
Pretty boring day but it was about the all important work which I love doing!

Day 3 - the 13th

Finally Friday (TGIF!), usually it's my day of rest as I don't have college but no, London College of Fashion had their portfolio advice day so no rest for me!
I left my house nice and early as it's not a good look to be late to your, possibly, future uni so being on time was essential.
So after all the advice I got, I'm super confident and excited about getting my portfolio and sketchbooks finished, never been so motivated. I'm so pumped up for my interview on the 7th of February.

I met with the best friend (yep, I see her a lot haha) in Oxford Circus, don't you just love the Christmas decor? We had a little browse and decided to go home after an hour. On the way home, bestie thought she'd treat us to a bit of Burger King and I must say, it was one of the nicest looking ones I've been into, it looked like an American diner. Fancy Schmancy!

So that was my 3 days of fun!
It probably doesn't seem busy but for me, getting up everyday at 6 and not getting home until 12-13 hours later is busy to me, I'm lazy, I like being in my house haha!

I'm back with my blogging schedule so you should be seeing regular posts from moi and I'm going to try and keep up with blogging everyday for the #bigblogmasproject.

Hope you all enjoyed reading what I get up to and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this, I'd be more than  happy to post more.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned lovelies!



  1. So glad you're back doing blogmas! this was such a good post, lovely insight into your daily life. Good luck with your deadline on Monday x

    1. aww thank you, I'll definitely do more like this! And thanks for the luck, it went well :) xo


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