Tuesday, 19 November 2013

OOTD: Unwell & Moody

Shirt - Primark
Trousers - Select
Belt - Primark
Scarf - (can't remember!)
Cardigan - Topshop (ages ago)
Coat & Bag - Primark
Boots - eBay

Hey guys,

If you  follow me on twitter, you'd see my endless tweets about me trying to get rid of a throat infection. Ever since I caught one 2 years ago (that triggered my health condition), I catch them really easily now which is so irritating. My throat swells up, I find it hard to swallow and all that lovely stuff.
Being ill makes me so moody and rude, yes, I know being ill shouldn't be an excuse for rudeness but when you're ill, you're just not in the mood for anything. 
I've been drinking teas upon teas, teas in the morning, teas just before I sleep, anything that will help get rid of this nasty infection. It's not as bad as it was a couple of days ago but I hate when a cold just lingers.
On top of being ill, my wisdom teeth are acting up again! *sigh*

Moving on from my little complaining sess, my room has become a place for me to take OOTD's due to rubbish weather, I really want to find a great spot near my house for taking blog pictures. I'm already getting bored with my room but I'm gonna have to put up with it for now.

As you guys may know, I'm totally, totally obsessed with eBay right now, I've ordered about 12 things in the past 2 weeks which is actually really bad as I'm also going out and buying things too.
But anywho, I purchased a pair of boots, I'd been on the hunt for the perfect winter boots and I found a pair that I absolutely love. When they arrived, the colour was very different which I don't appreciate (sort out you lighting mister!) but I loved the colour even more. You know when you buy something and when it arrives in the post, it looks even better than it does online? Yeah, that's what happened here!
I'm glad I bought them, I'll do a little post-y on it later on, they were only £10! 

What do you guys think? Like the boots? Apologies for the not showing my face in any of the pictures, I didn't look too pleasant.
Have you found any great things on eBay recently?
I'd love to know, really love to know (obsessed haha!)
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my giveaway coming soon

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