Monday, 4 November 2013


Hey guys,
I just thought I'd do a little update on my hair. It's very different to what I normally have on my head haha but I wanted a change. It's black, short ... and different.
My sister always says short hair suits me better and my mum backs her up on that, I always think I look older with shorter hair.
I do my own hair mainly because I hate people touching my hair and I know exactly how I want it to come out, I did have help from my beloved sister as well.
However, I really do like my hair, I think I should start embracing short hair!
Also, apologies for the crappy photos, I took them at night so I could show you guys before I do an OOTD!
BTW, before anyone asks, it's not my hair, I'd never cut my hair! So there's the explanation to why I may look different in OOTD's and you can't figure out what it is that's different (I'm sure you will!)
Hope you're all well!


  1. looks lovely!!! do you have some leave out in the top?x

    1. Thank you love and yeah I have a leave out in the L shape xo


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