Saturday, 23 November 2013

Huge Haul!

Memory Foam Slippers Primark | Midi Rings Primark | Make Up Bag & Ring Missguided | 
Maybelline Pure Mineral Liquid Foundation | MUA Matte Lipsticks Superdrug |
BB 9900 Case eBay | Tripod Home Bargains | Nail Polish Amazon | Rings eBay | 
Flat Foundation Brush eBay | Boots eBay |  Pencil Brush eBay
MUA Mono Eyeshadows Superdrug | Coat Primark

As you lovely people can see, I've been shaaapping. I've been non-stop shopping since the end of October.
I'd been saving up money on my paypal so I could do some crazy shopping online, especially on eBay. 
I've had a huge obsession with eBay lately and it's clear from my haul that I haven't been able to resist.

I was on the hunt for some new make up brushes, I've heard some great things about eBay brushes including the RT dupes. So I decided to get a couple...or more. They were insanely cheap that you can't just scroll by, you have to purchase.

I also did a little shop in Primark, I need a new pair of slippers and these lovely memory foam ones made it into the basket, I also wanted some more midi rings so I decided to get a pack of 3 (I've lost one now :( ) of silver ones as I hardly have any silver rings. A coat was much needed as I really wanted a long boyfriend coat for a/w so this beauty was exchanged with another and now I wear it nearly everyday!

Missguided offered free next day delivery so I ended up being sucked in and I bought myself a new make up bag and ring (another one!). There wasn't much I wanted from Missguided so these were the only things that really caught my eye at the time
Speaking of rings, I purchased a pack of 9 simple, gold rings from eBay which I love, I definitely went overboard with buying rings but there are some really lovely ones out there at the moment. A pack of 9 rings for 99p, I couldn't resist!

I headed to Superdrug to see if they had the MUA matte lipstick range, however I could only get my hands on 3 shades, I want the other two as well, so they may be in another haul or the review.
I also picked up 2 MUA mono eye shadows, I love their eye shadows so I definitely wanted to stock up their neutral shades for when my Undressed palette is all empty!
I actually had another eye shadow as Superdrug are doing 3 for 2 at the moment but that one is for my upcoming giveaway.

'If you really need a mini tripod right now, head to Home Bargains, they're only 69p!' says Mama FashionSquash. Crazy right?!

And lastly, my beloved boots!
This is why I love eBay, you can search for anything and you'll find it. I originally wanted a pair of black, leather ankle boots with a gold buckle but when I saw these, I scribbled out my checklist and bought them. I love the colour, the quilted effect, they're not big and heavy like most boots are, they make my feet look in proportion with the rest of my body (I'm 5ft3). Love 'em!

So that's my haul for you guys, I hope you liked everything I've bought and you feel to go shopping now!
I'm going shopping again tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for another haul and my 100 follower giveaway!
Thanks for reading and happy shopping



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    1. Thanks, they were only £10 as well! x

  2. Hi, I nominated you for Liebster Award :))
    Check out my blog for more info :) <3

    1. Thank you, I'm so grateful, I've done the Liebster Award twice on my blog and been nominated 6 times, so I won't be doing it again. I really appreciate you nominating me, thank you so so much! xoxo


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