Thursday, 14 November 2013

120 Colours Eye Shadow Palette | Review

Hey lovelies,

If you saw my mini haul, you'd see that I jumped right in and bought a 120 colour eye shadow palette and I'm so happy I did because I'm in loooooveee.

It's got an amazing range of colours and has 2 palettes in 1 which is very easy to close up and pack away.
I originally bought this palette because I wanted to experiment with different colours and have more fun with my eye shadow.
Quite a few people have said 'why did you buy a palette with so many colours?' and 'are you even going to use all of them?' and my answer is always 'because I wanted to!' and 'yes, I will actually!'
The whole purpose of me buying it was to use it and experiment. I know I'm not a 'make up artist' and I don't need it but I wanted it and will use it. I do the occasional make up for friends and family so it's great to have.
Mini rant done.
*back to the review*
All the shades are oh so pigmented, I always touch lightly with my brush because the colours are so vibrant.
My brush picks up the eye shadow very well, it isn't chalky or dry and it blends very well.

I was a bit disappointed to find that 2 of the shades had crumbled during delivery due to the fact that they hadn't written fragile on the package so it must've been thrown and chucked about on it's way to me, boo! That's the only downside however I didn't empty out the pan as I want to use the shades and I always store the palette the right way up so there's no mess.

I'm actually quite surprised that there's actually 120 shades in 1 palette, it's even crazier to think that there's palettes out there with 225 shades in them!
Overall, I'm very happy with my palette, it was very inexpensive as I was expecting it to be so much more so I definitely think that if you want to experiment with more colours this would be a great palette for you to have in your make up collection and it would also be a great Christmas present!

Have you palette lovers purchased your 120 palettes or are you planning to? What were your thoughts on it?
Let me know and thanks for reading!

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