Tuesday, 29 October 2013

W7 12 Piece Brush Set | Review


If you saw my mini haul last week, you would've seen that I bought more brushes to add to my collection
Me and my sis went halves on an Amazon voucher and this was one of my purchases. I have a few products from w7 so I was excited to try out their brush set. I have their angled eyeliner brush which I use frequently and is one of my favourite brushes so I was expecting a lot from these brushes.

Here are some basic facts; there are 12 brushes, an applicator, a lip brush, an angled eyeliner brush & eyeliner brush, 3 shading brushes, a spoolie brush, eyebrow brush, fan brush and 2 powder brushes.
The brush roll has protective plastic where the bristles sit so they don't dirty the case.
The bigger brushes have brush guards.

As I was testing out these brushes, I did a pros and cons list and documented it on my phone so I wouldn't miss anything out as there are 12 brushes and it would've been hard to remember everything and I wouldn't want to recommend it without putting in every detail.

The things I love about the brushes as a whole is the case and protective plastic, I hate when make up bags or brush rolls get dirty from the make up on the brushes so I 'm happy the plastic is there as it is easier to clean if it gets dirty.
I also love the sleek leather look of the brush roll, it looks very fresh and packs away the brushes easily.
The brushes are incredibly soft, the powder brushes feel great on my face. The shading brushes blend very well and they both pick up product well. 
The lip brush is a great brush too, I used it once on myself but I hardly use lip brushes, my mum said the brush felt soft on her lips when I used it on her.
All the brushes wash really well, they don't need extra scrubbing or extra effort to make sure they're clean, my normal brush cleaning routine does the trick! They also dry with the same softness and the bristles don't shed.

The things I dislike about the brushes as a whole is that they don't have brush names, I'm so used to the Real Techniques named brushes that any brush that isn't named doesn't make me happy. I like being able to call a brush by the right name and it also makes it easier to explain to people. 

I also don't like the fact that the brush handles are quite long, I have small hands so the handle is a bit long. Also, the downside to the long handles is that they don't fit in my make up bag which is annoying as I love the powder brush and would love to have that in my make up bag.

Because I don't use gel eyeliner, I decided to use the angled eyeliner brush to conceal my brows but it was too small and difficult to use.
The applicator brush is a waste of a brush because I doubt I'll ever use it now I have blending and shading brushes.

Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons mainly because I love the softness of the brushes and the fact that they wash well. Not having brush names is my preference and I feel that having names helps however I love the look of most of the brushes and the brush roll is definitely a plus.
I'd say if you're trying to build your brush collection or you're younger, they're good to have as they make your make up look great and they're quite cheap for a whole brush set.

Have you tried these brushes, what were your opinions? Did you think the handles were too long or were they perfect, I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have this brush set:-) I also thought the powder brush was so soft but it goes quite hard and sparse in time:-( however, I use the other brushes daily and love them! let me know if your powder brush goes the same, as I may of just received a bad bunch x

    1. Oh that's a shame, I hope mine doesn't do that, I'll let you know if it does x


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