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Skincare Review | L'Oreal 3 in 1 Micellar Solution & Superdrug Deep Action Daily Facial Scrub

L'Oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
Superdrug Deep Action Daily Facial Scrub - Anti-bacterial 

Hello everyone,

Another review for you lovely readers and it's a skincare one!
I'm not a huge skincare person but I do try my hardest to take care of my skin, applying make up in the mornings would be hell if I didn't look after my skin.

Along with my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (review), these two products have been saving my face. I'm very lazy and using 3 products to get a clean face can be annoying so I end up using a wipe sometimes (bad blogger!) 

The micellar solution is what I use to take off all my make up, the product says it'll dissolve my make up, unclog my pores and remove impurities and lastly, tone and soothe my skin.
It also says it's suitable for sensitive skin.

Overall, I'd say the product is telling the truth, my skin was noticeably better, my skin wasn't as porous. It also evened out my skin tone which I was very happy about because I was using many other toners (that my mum bought for me) before, that didn't actually work on my skin.
Taking off make up is really quick when I use this solution, sometimes I use a cotton pad and other times, I use cotton wool,. Getting off mascara is usually a pain but follow the directions and it just comes off.
However, don't get this baby in your eye, it stings like a b..iscuit!

After getting my make up off, I use the facial scrub, there's tiny bead in the scrub which aren't too harsh on my skin, which I'm happy about. I put a teaspoon amount on my finger tips, wet it and then massage it on my face. I really massage it into my skin, especially because I have oily skin, when I feel my face tingling a little, I rinse it off, still exfoliating as I rinse.

I love this scrub, it's great for my type of skin. I definitely saw a difference in my skin afterwards, maybe about 3-4 days later. I don't use it daily because I do have sensitive skin but if I feel that my skin needs it daily, I'll use it daily, even still the scrub doesn't have a bad effect on my skin.

If you have oily skin, I think these two products would work great on your skin, especially the scrub, it really gets deep into the skin and when you rinse, your skin feels so smooth and clean.
I think the micellar solution is great for any skin type, I'm happy it was suitable for sensitive skin. I could use it every day and not worry about red blotches on my face or sore skin.

On a whole, they're great products and I'll definitely be buying them again because I know they work well on my skin. 
What are your opinions on these products if you've tried them?
What skin type do you have and what works for you?
Let me know guys!
Thanks for reading and follow me on bloglovin to keep updated!

Jesslyn x


  1. That facial scrub seems so nice - thanks for sharing! x

    1. It's a great scrub, it was only £2.50 and you're welcome!


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