Friday, 11 October 2013


Nike Team Hustle D6 Junior Basketball Trainers

Hey everyone,

As you can see, I've bought another pair of trainers.
I can happily say that I have an addiction to buying trainers, I am a proud trainer buyer and wearer.

 I saw these trainers in UglyFaceOfBeauty's fashion haul on Youtube and I bought them the next day without hesitation. My mum was not happy at all.

I love them, the colour, the shape, the way it looks when I wear it, everything about them I love!

However, I did get a blister yesterday on the back of my ankle due to wearing ankle socks instead of long socks that cover my ankles, so the back of the trainers were rubbing, I just put some Vaseline on the blister which kept the pain at ease for the day and now I know for next time to wear the right socks.

That didn't stop my love for my new trainers, they're too beautiful to hate.

You're going to be seeing a lot them, might as well embrace them now haha
Thanks for reading!

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