Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Top A/W Lipsticks

Miss Sporty - Spiced Rum 021
LA Colors Matte Lipstick - Berry Ice
MUA Lipstick - Shade 11
Nivea Lipstick - Aubergine 13

Hello guys,

Who's loving Autumn so far? I know I am, the cold has come and I'm not as prepared as I thought I would be but any excuse to go shopping, I'm happy to use.
My wardrobe is slowly building up with A/W pieces and I can't wait to show you guys what I'm wearing, in future OOTD's.

Onto the post, I'm bringing you my top a/w lipsticks. I'm a huge fan of dark, moody lips during a/w, it just ties the look together. Usually darker clothes and make up is what I tend to go for, I've been wearing so much black, it's crazy, I always try to add colour when picking outfits but from head to toe, I've been wearing black. Don't you guys like the all black look? I do like the look.

I've been wearing my dark purple Nivea lipstick a lot, I love how it looks and how dark it is. It's definitely a statement lipstick, you don't have to do a lot with your face because the lipstick makes the face, if that makes sense. Nude shades are also my favourites too, they go great with dark eye make up! What's your favourite shade lipstick for a/w?

If you saw my a/w lip combos, the red and purple combos, you'd see the lip liners I use with the lipsticks, sometimes I mix and match to make a different shade.

These are my top lipsticks for a/w, what are yours?
Thanks for reading lovelies


  1. They all look gorgeous :) I love MUA lipsticks x

    1. They are my obsession, can't stop buying them! xo

  2. Love the Aubergine 13 shade! xx Great for fall !



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