Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mini Haul!

W7 12 Piece Brush Set - Amazon (similar here)
120 Colours Eye Shadow Palette - Amazon (here)
Nike Team Hustle D6 Junior Basketball Trainers

Hey guys,

I've been buying and buying like crazy, I can't stop (hangs head in shame...), which is typical for a blogger when you keep hearing about the wonderful things out there during blogger chats!

I know this is a small haul but I didn't want to wait for the many things I'd ordered to show you these.
So... they'll definitely be another haul very soon, keep your eyes peeled shopaholics!

I'm going to start with my Amazon purchases, me and my sister decided to go halves on a £30 Amazon we received, so with my £15, I got the W7 brush set and a 120 colours palette. I always see beauty gurus on youtube with these massive palettes and I just sit there staring, like, wow I want one. And look, I got one.
Some of you might think, why would you need that many colours but I think this will help me experiment with more colours and have more shades to use when doing other people's make up.

My second purchase was the brush set, I needed some new brushes to use so I thought this would be a great way to build my collection. They're very soft and I love the case for them, I'll be reviewing them soon!

My last and beautiful purchase was a pair of trainers, I wrote a separate post when I first bought them but I thought I'd include it in my haul. I love them and I can't wait to show you guys what they look like on and how I style them.

What was your favourite item from my haul and what have you bought recently? I'd love to know :)
Stay tuned for more posts this week,

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