Saturday, 12 October 2013

How To: Make A Collar


Fabric (of your choice)
Set Square
Sewing Machine
Scissors (fabric and paper)
H Pencil

Hey guys!

About a week ago, I made a collar at college, I really enjoyed doing it and wanted to share how to do it.
I love the outcome and how they look, even to do the point that I may start making them for sale in different fabrics around Christmas time so I'll see how that goes!

Right, I'm going to do a step by step so it's going to be a long one today lovelies!

Unfortunately, it will be easier for you to do this 'DIY' if you've got a sewing machine and if you understand pattern information.

TC : Top Collar
CS : Under Collar


Follow the instructions on how to draw the pattern pieces for the collar.
0-2 is half the size of your neck. 19 cm is the measurement I used.
Shoulder notch will be 8cm along 0-2.


Cut out the pattern and add seam allowance.

Place the pattern on the fabric and cut 2 pieces on the fold.

Cut out your pieces! Cut, cut, cut!

You should have 2 of each of the pieces shown above and they should look like this when they're opened up.

Take the 2 TC pieces, put the right sides together and stitch along the sides and top edge with 1cm seam allowance, leaving the top open.


Trim the seam allowance down to 2mm, all the way around the stitching. And then turn it inside out to the right side.

Top stitch and iron it.


Sandwich the TC between the CS but turn them upside down with the right sides together.


Stitch and trim seam allowance down to 2mm all the way around.


Pull the collar down onto the right side. And iron it well.


Fold the CS up over the TC and iron.


Lift the left side and the right side and pin or you can add buttons or actually join the collar to the top you're making.

The outcome!

Hope you guys liked the How To post and enjoyed making your collar, I know I did and I'm eager to make more!
Let me know if you liked this post or use the quick feedback below!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned

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