Monday, 28 October 2013

Fashion Design Portfolio | The Beginning

Hey guys,

As some of you may know that I'm currently studying a BTEC in Fashion at college. The course consists of  pattern cutting, garment construction, research, photography and much more.

After college, I want to study Fashion Design, I've always wanted to be a fashion designer so it wasn't a hard decision when thinking of courses I want to study.

As interviews are in Feburary, everyone wanting to do a design based course has to produce a portfolio.
I'm excited to produce a portfolio because everything I put in will show what I am capable of doing and more importantly, how I do it.

With a design portfolio, it's about development so I think that's what my portfolio will mostly consist of.
Above is the start to my portfolio, I'm not sure if I'll include them in it but they're definitely a start, if I don't start now, I'll leave it until last minute as per.

As my portfolio develops, I'll do more posts on it so you guys can see how my portfolio started and how it looks at the end!

If you're planning to do a design based course and are producing portfolios too, let me know how you're getting on. And if you're already studying a design based course and would love to give me some advice, leave a comment or tweet me @JesslynJuly :)

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