Sunday, 20 October 2013

Casio Watch ft The Watch Hut* | Review

Casio Mini Silver Tone Digital Watch - The Watch Hut*

Hey everyone,

A couple days ago, I was sent this watch from the The Watch Hut via etail-pr. I was super excited when I opened my package and saw it.
I love the packaging it came in, so professional, I didn't want to open it at first because I loved the look of the packaging. Even now, I store the watch inside the plastic display case. Sad, I know!

Just a few facts about the watch. It's a digital watch that has a stopwatch, timer, alarm and date features. It's also water resistant which is great because I'm very clumsy, never know when it may come in handy.
It has a steel bracelet type strap with a fold over clasp.
The case shape is rectangular (which I thought was square) and it's made of steel, the glass is made of mineral crystal glass, which is the glass most commonly used for watches.

I'm so happy that the strap is adjustable because the watch and my small wrist was not going to work... at all. When I first put it on, it literally dropped off my wrist, I wasn't happy until I discovered you could adjust it by sliding the clasp along the strap, voila. Happy Jesslyn!

I'm so not used to wearing a watch that works, weird but every time my mum asked me for the time, I automatically reached for my phone to check. I think the last time she asked me, just as I was about to get my phone, she said 'you have a watch you know' haha

Overall, I really love this watch, the instructions made it super easy to set the time and date and how to adjust the strap. I love the burgundy, goes very well with the silver!
I'm looking to purchase the gold version of this watch next month!

Thank you The Watch Hut!

Jesslyn x

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