Sunday, 8 September 2013


Pinafore - New Look


This pinafore was bought at the end of July and I haven't worn it out yet, I have so many outfits planned out with it. I love trying it on and thinking of different ways to style it.

I've decided that my pinafore is going to be part of my 'first day of college' outfit, OOTD post to come!

I think it's so easy to style because it's black, it's definitely going to be one of my favourite pieces to wear, I think crossing the braces makes the pinafore look more interesting but if you want a different look, you can wear it without crossing it.

I can't wait to wear and style it, how would you style a black pinafore?
Let me know fashionistas :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. i don;t own a black one, i wished i did. I do have a denim one, i wear with a striped t. well you will be looking good for ur first day of coll

    1. If I have a choice to buy black, I do, so much easier to style. A striped tee is a great way to style it! and haha thanks! xo


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