Monday, 30 September 2013

How's Life Jess? #2

Bodycon Midi Dress & Blazer - Primark

Hi guys, 

I'm here with my second life update, I love reading life updates and knowing what people are up to in their daily life.

Life's been pretty hectic and I'm finding it very hard to keep up with blogging, college and how fast things are moving generally.

College has been crazy, I really didn't expect to be doing more than 3 projects this term, the work is piling up and I'm slowly trying to tackle it. Having 4 teachers teaching me all different things and feeding different info to me is making me really tired and stressed. This is starting to sound like a very depressing post but I'm just trying to give you an insight on why my posts have been less frequent.

However, there has been some great parts of college, I'm learning new things which I find incredibly cool like the collar (pictured), I can't wait to learn some more. I might do a tutorial on how to make a collar! I'm planning to work so hard this year, my grades last year was surprisingly good but I want to do so much better this year.

Uni. Since the beginning of September, all I've been hearing is uni this and uni that, I'm actually quite scared that I've got to make such a huge decision for my future, I'm not sure where I want to go or what I want to do in regards to staying at home or moving away. I want to study Fashion Design, I've booked a few open days for universities I'd like to go to, so hopefully that'll help me make up my mind a bit.

My blogging schedule has been all over the place recently, hopefully there will be a post up every other day, I have so many posts planned out for October, it's just finding the time to actually write the content, taking the pictures is the easy part. I love blogging, if college starts to take over my life, blogging will have to take a backseat but I won't stop blogging and I'll try my best to post regularly.

Lastly, I want to take this chance to say thank you to all my new and old followers and regular readers, I'm so grateful that you take time out from your day to read my blog. I get new followers everyday and I'm so happy that you like my blog enough to follow and keep on reading. I can't wait to get to 100 followers so I can do a giveaway for you guys, just to show you how much I appreciate you all!

If you want to win free fashion for a whole year, Mr Price (South Africa's Primark) is holding a competition, just click here* to enter!

Hope you liked my life update and will continue to support my blogging journey.
If you have any advice on leaving home for uni or if it's better to live with parents, please drop me a comment, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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